Salman Khan gets a reply from Katrina Kaif on Facebook and it’s total AWESOMNESS!

Salman Khan specially wished Katrina Kaif on Facebook yesterday….


How we love seeing ex-lovers bonding on Facebook, no?

So yesterday we got to see Salman Khan putting up this really sweet message for Katrina Kaif on Facebook. He not only wished her well on her 33rd birthday but even welcomed her on social media by saying, “Katrina Kaif welcome to Facebook and wishing you a very Happy Birthday.” Indeed, it was one heart-winning moment for all Salman and Katrina fans. However, little did we expect Katrina too will actually take out time to personally reply back to Salman’s this message. Yes she’s done it!

We scrolled down the comments on Salman’s Facebook post and look, Katrina has replied saying, “Thank You Sultan.” Can you believe it?

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