President Duterte waits for his turn to get a food during Sunday Fellowship Dinner

President Duterte proved again that he will not accept any VIP treatment and live like a normal citizen of this country.


The latest news on Duterte the newly elected President of Philippines is so pleasing for his supporters who voted for him to rule them. The photo posted by the Presidential Communication Fanpage on Facebook shows the President after the 2016 Philippines Elections waiting for his turn to get a food during a Sunday Fellowship dinner at the Heroes Hall of Malacanang Palace.

The latest news on Duterte, Imagine the President of the Philippines in your back, seeing that you will be served first before him.

Netizens lauds President Duterte after 2016 election in Philippines for being simple and they wish that he will become a role model to everyone to be patient and wait for their turn.

According to his supporters, President Duterte after he got elected by people of Philippines hates VIP treatment because he believes that he is just working to serve the people of the Philippines and not a king.

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