Indian Officials treated Marathon Runner “Unfairly” in Rio Olympics

Indian Officials At Rio Offered No Water For Marathon Runner Jaisha, Who Fainted At Finish Line.


India’s nationwide record holder in marathon O P Jaisha’s Rio timing was 2 hours 47 minutes.

Her timing for a similar occasion in Beijing Worlds final 12 months was 2 hours 34 minutes.

Why such an enormous change in timings?

As a result of Indian Officers didn’t give a crap about her run. However how is it an official’s fault? How can the officers assist her win?


Marathon runners who run for 42 kilometers want water to maintain hydrating. For this function, Olympic officers arrange water stations at each 2.5 kilometers.

It’s at these stations, officers from the respective nations present water, sponges, glucose biscuits, and vitality gels to the runners.

The water hydrates the runners whereas glucose biscuits and vitality gels give them gas to maintain operating.

At each 2.5 kms, different international locations had been giving their runners all this stuff whereas our Indian desks have been empty with simply the flag and the nation’s title on it.

Ideally, our Indian officers ought to have been sitting within the desks ready for his or her runner after which giving Jaisha water and glucose biscuits when she runs by.


OP Jaisha needed to drink water at each eight kilometers due to this, that too was offered by the Rio Olympic officers, and never the Indian counterparts

“I don’t know the way I managed to complete with out getting sufficient water to drink”

And because of dehydration, she collapsed on the end line, regaining consciousness after three HOURS.

It’s unusual for skilled marathon runners to break down unconscious after marathons.

Even after she fainted, it was Rio’s officers who got here to assist. India’s official crew physician was nowhere to be seen.


She was injected with seven bottles of glucose to assist her recuperate.

In keeping with IAAF guidelines, each nation has to arrange 4 refreshment factors, other than the official factors. Additionally, athletes from one nation CANNOT take refreshments from one other nation.

If any athlete does settle for refreshments from one other nation’s official, it may possibly result in a warning after which a disqualification.

Our officers have been just lately within the information for taking extra selfies and having fun with vacationer spots relatively than caring for the effectively-being of our athletes.

For instance, Dutee Chand had complained of touring in financial system class whereas the officers traveled in enterprise class.

The celebs of the Olympics are its athletes. In spite of everything, it’s they who deliver accolades and glory to our nation. It’s they who ought to be pampered and cared in order that they carry out properly, and keep in optimistic psychological spirit.

We hope the Indian Olympic Committee takes discover and takes care of athletes higher sooner or later occasions.

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