11 reasons Zlatan Ibrahimovic playing in the Premier League is going to be AWESOME


We consider just how amazing it will be to have The Great Ego playing in the Premier League.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic playing Premier League football. It’s a thought so exciting, it makes bladder control an issue.

Zlatan – the most charismatic, absurdly “confident” man in football – teaming up with Jose Mourinho at Old Trafford. Two of the biggest egos in football coming together to take on Pep Guardiola’s Man City in the most titanic football battle the north west of England has ever seen.

It’s going to be IMMENSE.

With the modest Swedish star finally joining his new team mates for training, we can confirm it is actually, really happening.

But it’s not just United fans who should be delighted by this news. Here’s why Zlatan will instantly make the Premier League approximately 4,685 times more entertaining:

1. The thought of Ryan Shawcross marking him at a corner – and this happening

2. The number of times he is going to be reminded of this quote.

We can already imagine him snapping when he is asked for the hundredth time if really does think English football is “crap”


3. His press conferences are going to be AMAZING

It probably won’t be long before we see him eviscerate an unfortunate journalist:

3. His innovative defensive techniques

Covering your crown jewels in the wall at a free-kick? Foolish, naive Premier League buffoons. Some other players have far more important assets to protect…


4. His love of a good prank

Can you imagine him doing this in the Man United dugout next season?


5. Actually, the pranks deserve a second entry

This type of acting/pratting about ability – specifically, making the PSG doctor think a player needs treatment – would be most welcome on United’s YouTube channel.

6. The fact his mere presence provokes this response in young fans


7. The thought of Mike Dean trying to get one over on a man like Zlatan

And Zlatan shooting him down in the same way he embarrassed this referee.


8. His nickname

If you don’t think ‘Ibracadabra’ will immediately become the Premier League’s best nickname, then frankly, you’re not worth talking to.


9. The inevitably cool goal celebrations

“Oh, that amazing screamer that just flew past Joe Hart into the top corner? Yeah, no biggie…”


10. The fact we can (probably) use this to do all our research

Only one player has his own form of Google. Yes, Zlaaatan.com actually exists.


11. His expertise in the taking of selfies

Sadly crucial in a Premier League where “fans” take selfie sticks to games. *Sigh*

Credit : Mirror.co.uk

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